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April 2015


An unintended consequence of the pension reforms is that any divorcee with a pension earmarking order may need to act fast to protect their benefits. Any earmarking order which provides the ex-spouse with a fixed percentage of the pension income in retirement should be checked to ensure benefits are protected now that the member no longer needs to take their pension as an income and can instead take all the cash out as a lump sum.


More than one in ten 20-35 year olds are prepared to ask their parents to access pension savings to help pay for a mortgage deposit.


This week’s party manifesto proposals* risk undermining public confidence in pensions at a time when savers are adapting to the most radical reforms to the UK pension seen in a generation. 


On average retirees plan to withdraw around 10% each year, but nearly half of those approaching retirement have no real idea how long their income will last

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